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about us
Our Mission
Preserving the forest and its wisdom, by empowering the world’s Indigenous, through a Celebration of culture.
Our Invitation

We invite you to explore Indigenous wisdom, culture, and spirituality, to unlock the power of transformational healing through the expansion of consciousness.
We invite you to awaken to our collective duty as Guardians of the Earth, to care for the environmental and spiritual legacy that has been passed down through millennia by the world’s Indigenous.
We invite you to celebrate, one village at a time, the intrinsic wisdom of humankind, as kept by the world’s Indigenous, as we awaken to our collective arrival to a new era of peace, love, equality, and alliance.
Board of Directors
Stephanie Ansin
Spencer Stewart
Anne Marie Miller
John Minks Jr.
Executive Team
Anne Marie Miller
Founder, President
Spencer Stewart
Co-founder & Finance
Jordao Souza
Liaison for the Yawanawá Tribe
John Minks Jr.
Sales Director
Charlie Stewart
Field Correspondent & Content Manager
Angelique Watson
Events & Partnerships Director
Cintia Caveloso
Compliance Director
indigenous advisory committee
Jordão Souza