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IC Sacred Music Event: “Journey to Mutum”

"Journey to Mutum: A Cultural Encounter"

Eight Yawanawá tribe’s members are journeying from their home, in the remote Amazon forest of Acre, Brazil, to the US to sing ancestral songs, play traditional games and share their rich culture, to save their way of life, their language and their spiritual heritage from extinction.

Be part of their touching journey to save the beauty and wisdom of their ancestral teachings, passed down orally for countless generations.

Join us this October, 2016 in Miami, NY, Austin and LA. Dates and tickets available by June 1, 2016.

LET’S CELEBRATE! Together we can support the preservation of ancient plant knowledge and spiritual wisdom for the next generation and beyond.

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The Traditional School of Mutum

Funds raised will go towards establishing the Traditional School of Mutum (TSM) in the Mutum Village of Acre, Brazil for Yawanawá children ages 7-14. The TSM will provide food, lodging and school supplies to Yawanawá children learning their native language, traditional legends, ancestral spiritual practices and sacred plant knowledge, as passed down from generation to generation.

The Need

A generational gap exists in the Yawanawá (as in many other tribes), where the youth no longer speak their ancestral tongue, opting to speak Portuguese instead, thus losing their connection with their cultural heritage and spiritual lineage.

  • 1 language dies every 14 days
  • Nearly half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken on Earth will likely disappear by 2100
  • Many endangered languages are spoken by indigenous tribes with rich oral histories and ancient knowledge, passed down from generation to generation, in their native ancestral tongue.

IC Music House

IC is collecting donations of new and used instruments for the IC Music House in Mutum. The IC Music House will provide recording equipment and instruments to highly talented musicians of the Mutum village. Contact us below to receive an exclusive IC Music House CD with your instrument donation.

IC Virtual Village

IC is working in coordination with the People of Mutum to expand consciousness for environmental healing through remote cultural immersion experiences.

Support our mission to bring the beauty of the village, its people, and their wisdom to cities across America through the IC Virtual Village Experience.

The IC Virtual Village will provide a glimpse into the daily lives of tribes people, the Mariri Festival, and immersive visualizations of Shamanic experiences delivered through an exclusive Virtual Reality experience available on Google Cardboard.

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