Indigenous Celebration Projects & Progress

The Mutum Village & Women’s Cooperative

The indigenous people of the Mutum village in the remote Amazon forest in Acre, Brazil suffered a devastating flood in the Fall of 2014. Their spiritual Festival, known as the Mariri, was put at risk after the devastation.

IC’s collaboration with the Women’s Cooperative of Mutum generated enough income to finance the July 2015 Festival and keep the centuries old tradition alive.

Money raised through the sale of beaded jewelry from the Women’s Cooperative of Mutum financed gasoline to transport materials, labor for the restoration of housing, construction of new housing to host tribes members from surrounding villages, supplementary food to host tribes members and visitors, and The Women’s Cooperative of Mutum Store, supplying knives, headlamps, sleeping bags, rope, food stuffs and medical supplies to the village.

Indigenous Celebration’s Impact on the Yawanawa Village

How the Mutum Women’s Cooperative Store Works:


Tribes members take goods they need (and beads) supplied by the store.


Tribes members return with a certain number of completed beaded bracelets, headbands or necklaces to pay for goods taken


Handmade, beaded bracelets, headbands and necklaces are sold through IC and a fair value exchange goes back to the Women’s Cooperative to stock the store and finance any other needs of the tribe, as decided collectively by the tribes people through the Women’s Cooperative and the IC Indigenous Advisory Committee.


The initiative serves to empower the Women of the Mutum Village and eliminates any transaction of money within the village

Expanding Consciousness for Environmental Healing

Make Your Own Impact

The single most effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to protect the rainforest that still exists.Protecting the Amazon is more effective than current worldwide efforts to reduce industrial emissions and install alternative energy sources combined.

The absolute best way to protect the Amazon rainforest is to empower the Indigenous People that have lived there, in harmony with nature for thousands years, to continue to thrive as natural guardians of their environment.

The most important impact on an indigenous community’s health and wellbeing starts with its culture. International investigations affirm that the continuation of festivals and ritual celebrations are critical contributors to Indigenous communities’ wellbeing and resilience.

We can help support that culture, and we have much to learn in the process. Join us!

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