The charity that celebrates one village at a time, to share the intrinsic wisdom of humankind, as kept by the world’s indigenous


To facilitate the transfer of wisdom between indigenous peoples and the modern world through a celebration of culture, while empowering indigenous peoples to thrive as natural guardians of the environment.

Economic Empowerment

IC empowers indigenous peoples by generating alternate sources of income through cultural celebrations including:

Sacred Music Events

Virtual Reality & Cultural Immersion Experiences

In partnership with Women’s Cooperatives to sell crafts, jewelry and artwork

Providing sustainable sources of income to indigenous peoples of threatened territories is critical to a community’s ability to protect their land from the #1 driver of deforestation in the Amazon: poverty.

Cultural Empowerment

The most important impact on an indigenous community’s health and wellbeing starts with its culture.

Key findings across several international sources investigating the significance of Indigenous cultural festivals in wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous communities and their young people affirm that the continuation of festivals and ritual celebrations are critical to Indigenous communities’ for their contribution to community wellbeing, resilience and capacity.